Features And Ways To Style A Sleeveless Puffer Jacket for Men

Features And Ways To Style A Sleeveless Puffer Jacket for Men

In this article, you will find sleeveless puffer jackets for men. History of sleeveless jackets for men and ways to style and types of vests. 

What are sleeveless puffer jackets?

A vest and sleeveless puffer jackets are similar terms. This is an excellent piece of garment that one can add to their wardrobe. 

You can carry this style in many different ways. It can be worn with a suit, a waistcoat, or a vest, adding a sophisticated level to the dressing game. Additionally, a sleeveless puffer jacket can come in various color patterns. Moreover, The puffer jacket provides enough warmth while worn under a sports jacket or on top of a shirt.

History of sleeveless jackets for men: 

The word 'vest' originated from the French word 'veste,' meaning jacket or sport coat. In other languages like Italian, 'vesta/veste means robe or gown. Furthermore, in Latin it is vested. It does not matter where you are styling it, either in outerwear or streetwear. Sleeveless jackets for men have been a fashion centerpiece for a long time. They gained popularity in 1666 by King Charles II of England for the first time.

According to the diary of Samuel Pepys, on October 8th, 1666, he declared that the king would set some fashion rules for clothing. 

It is the opinion of many people that the style of wearing a vest and a coat together was first admired and approved by King Charles II of England.

How can you style a sleeveless puffer jacket?

This is a piece of your wardrobe that's already stylish and versatile. However, you can carry it in so many different ways. 

  • You can wear a sleeveless jacket with a T-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, sports pants, jeans, or other informal outfits for winter. 
  • Besides these, you can also style your sleeveless puffer jacket with button-downs or on sweaters for countless combinations of trendy costumes.
  • Having a puffer jacket in your wardrobe, you can get a high level of comfort, summery, long-lasting, and subtle touch.
  • The sleeveless puffer jacket retains a seamless, beautiful, and flattering shape. You can wear it normally or layer it with other clothing pieces. 
  • You can experience easy hand movements through the shoulders. 

However, nowadays, vests have wide varieties, and you can come up with many different ideas for styling. In the past, it may have been only men's fashion styles. But it is a part of every fashion wardrobe regardless of gender. 

Specific Features of sleeveless puffer jacket:


One of the best features that make the sleeveless jackets stand out is their fabric. They are made of 100% pure microfiber bubble fabric. This fabric provides insulation and proves to be windproof and waterproof. It presents you with the environment and the cloth to get damaged from water or rain.


You must think that this puffer jacket must take up a lot of space in your luggage while traveling. It is not the case; these sleeveless puffer jackets for men are easy to fold. You can take them anywhere with you. You need to simply fold the jacket into your bag or suitcase. Hope! You will not need to worry about the storage in your bag. 

What are the Types of Sleeveless puffer jackets?

  1. Hunting vests: can also be related to sports jackets or vests that are somehow padded. They are padded for protection purposes because they are used in sports etc. 
  2. A fishing vest: contains a lot of pockets on the outer side of the jacket to carry and tackle fish. The term' jerkin' is also used to relate to this type of sleeveless outdoor jacket.
  3. Slipovers: also known as sweater vests, are sleeveless sweaters, or you can also call them tank tops (it might be referring to a kind of sleeveless shirt), or a banyan, a typical Indian ware.


Sleeveless puffer jackets are undoubtedly a great addition to your wardrobe. Your sleeveless puffer jacket could get styled in so many different ways. It is a famous ancient style that is getting hype and trendy. So, you need to get your hands on your favorite one to look good and excellent in your daily casual fits. 

Hope! You enjoyed reading. 

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