Guide: How To Cut Bottom Of Men's Jeans

Guide: How To Cut Bottom Of Men's Jeans

In this article, you can find the basic methods, tips, and step-by-step guide on how to cut the bottom of men's jeans. 

How To Cut The Bottom Of Men's Jeans?

You must be wondering why some guys have that perfect length of jeans. You, too, can get the size of the ideal jeans by following some easy steps. A step-by-step guide is provided in this article for you to create that stunning and decent outfit. 

Jeans are hard-wearing, adaptable, and the perfect wardrobe piece, which can create a perfect chic look. However, if you want to add your creative touch to your styling, you can crop the hem of your jeans. In the summer, you can convert your pants into shorts. Moreover, you can distress the ends of the jeans to create a modern, stylish look. 

What Will You Need?

  • New or old jeans 
  • Measuring or inches of tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • chalk, or pencil
  • Sandpaper 
  • A ruler 

Method 1: 

Trimming The Hem Of Your Jeans

To get cropped hem jeans, you need to follow some simple given steps. 

  1. First, Try on your jeans and mark the length you want. 
  2. You can take help from the mirror to avoid any mishap. 
  3. After deciding the length, mark the place with tailored chalk. 
  4. You need to cut right at the ankle bone to get a modern, stylish look. 
  5. Take your jeans off and lay in front of you on a flat surface. 
  6. Use chalk and make the mark to cut the jeans. 
  7. Use good scissors to get a clear and sharp cut on the marked lines.
  8. Cut through one leg side at a time. 
  9. Do not use dull scissors to cut denim and other fabrics. It will end up with a snaggy and messy-looking hem.
  10. After completing the process, try on your jeans and check the length.
  11. If the length is what you want, then enjoy. Otherwise, you can make adjustments and cut off some more.  
  12. You can create o cutoff if the length goes to a shirt than expected. 
  13. You can create frayed ends of the jeans by washing them in the machine. 
  14. To get some extra frayed look, you can dry them after and hang them to dry.

Method 2: 

Creating Cutoff Shorts

For creating cutoff shorts, you should Choose jeans that are a little baggy in your legs. Slim-fit jeans can cause you to look awkward when cut into shorts. Consider having Straight-leg jeans, boxy high-waisted jeans, and boyfriend cuts for perfect results. If you are still determining the size, choose one size larger than your actual size. 

  1. Non-stretched jeans are good to choose from and are more durable. 
  2. To make the process easier, cut the legs of the jeans at knee length. The cut can be messy because you are going to adjust it later. 
  3. Put on these long jean shorts you created and measure the length by standing in front of the mirror.  
  4. Use a fabric marker, pencil, or tailored chalk and mark the length.
  5. You can also use your already available shorts as a template. 
  6. After marking the length, take off the jeans.
  7. Lay the pants on a flat surface to get a perfect cut. 
  8. Use sharp scissors to avoid getting jagged jeans.
  9. Cut the marked area on one side.
  10. Fold the fabric and make an equal cut on the other side. 
  11. Now, you can Wash and dry it to get a frayed hem. 
  12. Naturally, frayed shorts will give you a more lived-in look. So, wear them on and wait for natural frays. 

Method 3: 

Distressing Your Jeans

  1. The first step to making distressed jeans is to Put on your jeans.
  2. Use tailored chalk to mark the areas you want to distress. 
  3. The best method to decide the areas to distress is to analyze the location while wearing the jean. 
  4. After deciding, put off your jeans and put palace cardboard inside them. 
  5. Use a sharp scissor or razor to make horizontal cuts for frayed holes. 
  6. You can use sandpaper to rub along the jean to get a soft, weary look. Sandpaper can create great and genuine aging on your jeans. 
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