Guide On How To Make Ripped Jeans For Men

Guide On How To Make Ripped Jeans For Men

In this article, you can find the primary method, types, and step-by-step guide on how to make ripped jeans for men. 

Most people love Distressed or ripped jeans as they are a famous style. However, buying ripped jeans can cost a lot. Fortunately, you can make your own ripped jeans by following the simple steps in this article. 

What Do You Need?

  • New or old jeans 
  • Measuring or inches of tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • chalk, or pencil
  • Sandpaper 
  • A ruler 

Steps To Make Ripped Jeans For Men:

Choose a well-fitted pair of jeans to get ripped jeans to make a statement outfit. It is recommended to use already worn-out jeans instead of using brand-new ones. However, if you don't own an old one, you can buy new jeans for this project. 

Dark colors are a good choice, but light-colored jeans are best for ripped jeans. As they already give a distressed look.

Dark-washed jeans may not give a realistic look, as they have good, fresh colour. Let's dive into the process of getting ripped jeans. 

  • Gather the material to start the process and start working. Get your old jeans and something sharp like scissors or razors to make precise and neat cuts. To create holes or straight cuts, you can use a razor, a sharp knife, or a box cutter to get better results. If you want a frayed look on your jeans, Use sandpaper, steel wool, a cheese grater, or a pumice stone to get the desired look.
  • It will be the best practice if you wear your jeans to get a clear idea. Mark the places where you want to create a hole or distressed area. After marking the targeted regions with chalk, you can take off the jeans. Lay the jeans on a straight surface and place a wooden piece to distress the jeans. Make clear and sharp cuts on the marked areas. 
  • Use sharp scissors or razors to get the best and quick results. Usually, people only rip their jeans around the knees of jeans, although you can pull them anywhere around the leg of the jeans. Try something different and cut a little higher than your knee. It will prevent the tear from getting large as you walk around. 
  • But it would be best to be careful, Do not make a cut too high, as it feels awkward. Before making the ripped jeans create a frayed look with sandpaper. Use sandpaper or pumice stone to start rubbing. It will help to thin out the area to get better-ripped jeans.
  • You can loosen the fabric fibers for suitable holes and distressed and stingy patches. Use your cutter or knife to tug at the weakened areas with sandpaper. Touch the look by pulling out the white fibers you can see through the site. 
  • You can make holes in the jeans with your knife or scissors. Keep the holes as small as possible, about half an inch extensive. You can make the hole larger later, but not vice versa. Use your hand to make the hole more significant for a more realistic look. 
  • Do not cut the hole too much, as this will give the fabric a smooth, unnatural touch. Instead, wear your jeans and let the gap get bigger with time to get a natural and realistic touch. If you don't want the holes to get bigger with time, reinforce them. 
  • Use a white or blue thread to sew around the cut by hand or a sewing machine.
  • Wear and slay in your ripped jeans!

Types Of Cuts On Ripped Jeans

  1. Holes 
  2. Shreds
  3. Scrapes or scratches
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