Overview Of Cuban Collar Shirts: Different Ways Of Styling

Cuban Collar Shirts: Different Ways Of Styling

In this article, you will find Cuban collar shirts. History, ways to style the shirt with different apparel, and essential points to consider while purchasing. 

Get up and rush! We must welcome the summer season, which is just around the corner. Don't worry about the ways; I suggest holding the season with a great, refreshing smile and a new chic and cool wardrobe. 

A Cuban collar shirt is the main ingredient you can add to your wardrobe along with half sleeves shirts. You can also give this style some other name. Whatever you would like to call it, i.e., revere collar, camp collar, vacation shirt, bowling shirt, and a long list.

You will get many innovative ideas about Cuban collar shirts in this article: history, dressing styles, famous brands, and many other particulars about Cuban collar shirts. 

What Is A Cuban Collar Shirt? 

Some key factors explain a Cuban collar shirt. The most defining of them is the flat and open collar of the shirt. Besides, Cuban collar shirts are recognized due to specific sleeves and hem styles. Refrain from getting confused; the class has different names, like 'camp collar,' 'revere collar,' and 'resort collar shirt,' according to the location and people. However, these all are the names of the same style. 

What Is The History Of The Cuban Collar Shirts? 

In the early 20th century, men wore this style in the West as casual and warm. Altogether, wearing wrinkle-free garments with pointed collars as an everyday dressing style became a general practice. However, if we go back in time, there were garment styles similar to the Cuban collar shirts people used to wear. This relaxing and soft material style people used to wear on hot summer days in the past. 

Why Do You Need One In Your Wardrobe? 

Cuban collar shirts were famous mid-century, so they are a must-have in your wardrobe. It is a great option to style in a summer workday rotation or on the weekend. They provide you with the most comfortable, soft, and relaxing feel yet stylish at the same time. 

Furthermore, many body types say Cuban collar shirts are made for. It is best suited and flattering for brilliant and elongated frame bodies. This style broadens the chest area and keeps the air passing through a V-shaped open collar. 

Moreover, there is a vast collection of colors and prints that you can find for your styling. You can find every color for your daily needs and moods, from dark to light.

Ways To Style A Cuban Collar Shirt: 

  • A SUIT 

Considerations While Buying A Cuban Collar Shirt: 

How should a Cuban collar shirt fit?

The best way to style a Cuban collar shirt is "not to style." It means you don't need to tuck it inside your shirt; it will give you the best look possible. It should fit you in a more relaxed way and range. The waist should have a box cutter to allow much airflow.

But what to do if you want to tuck in your shirt? Don't worry! I have a solution. You may not want to look like your shirt is glued to your body. To avoid this, you need to buy a Cuban collar shirt with a laid-back cut that has a lot of room through the chest area, creating a balance. 

Cuban collar shirts fabric options 

This fabric and style are mainly for summer, so it should be lightweight. Fabric choice can immediately change the look of the styling of the shirt. 

What Are The Best Cuban Collar Shirts For Men? 

In modern times, everyone dresses as they like. No matter what, people love to wear dark shades, light shades, different patterns, and all. So, enjoy and try your Cuban collar shirts in some floral, new Hawaiian, or striped fashion. You can also try different stuff like cotton, linen, and silk ( to give a 50s touch). 

  1. Classic Cool
  2. Summer Stripes 
  3. Modern Florals 
  4. Modern Tropical Photographic Print 


So, in this summer season, what are your Cuban collar shirts picks? I suggest you prefer bold, uneven patterns and eye-catching colors this summer. In this blog, you have got many styling tips and information for Cuban collar shirts. Many thanks for reading.

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