Why Half Sleeves Shirts Are A Must-Have In Your Pakistani Fashion Collection?

Why Half Sleeves Shirts Are A Must-Have In Your Pakistani Fashion Collection?

In this article, you will find why half-sleeve shirts are a must-have, purchasing and styling tips to give an elegant and sleek look.  

Half Sleeve Shirts In Pakistani Fashion Collection

Pakistani people are very traditional. While styling in Pakistan, you must keep some information about Pakistani fashion and style. Other than the local dress, shalwar kameez, people wear much other apparel. Pakistani people wear half sleeve shirts in the hot weather or terms of styling and fashion. In this article, you will find why half sleeve shirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. Moreover, keep reading the article to know how to style and choose the perfect half-sleeve shirt. 

Fashion Guide On Half Sleeve Shirts 

Summer is around the corner, so it is the time you need to upgrade your wardrobe with some refreshing half-sleeve shirts. This timeless wardrobe piece is a must-have in every men’s wardrobe to create a sleek and stylish look. Half-sleeve shirts keep you airy and easy to carry in the hot summer. This timeless shirt provides ease in your daily tasks without causing many obstructions. 

You can style a half-sleeve shirt for either casual or formal events. They can be bought easily in different fabrics ( cotton, Linen) from the market at reasonable prices. So, buy a half-sleeve shirt for yourself this summer to look confident and stylish. They are available in many designs and patterns, from prints to checks or solids to strips. 

Cotton Fabric Half Sleeve Shirts

The Cotton fabric is the perfect material to wear in the summer season. Cotton fabric is breathable and comfortable, which makes it perfect for a hot summer day. Wear lightweight and pure cotton half-sleeve shirts for maximum comfort in your dress. 

Linen Fabric Half Sleeve Shirts 

Linen fabric is also preferable when purchasing a half-sleeve shirt. Lightweight and breathable LinenLinen is a popular fabric, perfect for summer to give a relaxed look. You can pair a linen half-sleeve shirt with anything, like shorts, chinos or jeans.  

How To Choose A Perfect Half-Sleeve Shirt?

When shopping for men’s dress shirts, choosing between full and half-sleeve shirts is always difficult. So, which one to buy?

There is a myth about half sleeve shirts that they can only be worn at casual events. Moreover, these shirts are difficult to put on with different apparel. But the reality is half sleeve shirts keep you cool in the summer and can be worn in many different styles. 

While purchasing a half-sleeve shirt, you need to consider a few points to get the best out of it.

  • It is important to pay attention to the shirt's cuts, colour, and collar type. 
  • Also, there are many different designs and patterns available. Choose according to your taste. Go for pastel and plain, striped or checked patterns. 
  • Choose a slim-fit cut to get a stylish look. Also, you can wear it without tucking it in to get a stylish casual look. 
  • Consider sleeve length while buying the shirt. It will be of perfect length if it reaches the middle of your biceps. There should be some space between your skin and fabric, almost a finger thick. 

Rules Of Wearing A Half Sleeve Shirt

Choose The Proper Shirt Length 

Half sleeve shirts give a more elegant and stylish look if you wear them untucked. Some shirts are meant to tuck in, while some are meant to be untucked. It would help to consider a few things when wearing a half-sleeve shirt untucked. To get a better fit and style, the front part of your shirt should not go beyond your midline. 

If you wear a half-sleeve shirt as office attire, you need to tuck in the shirt. For this, the front of the shirt should go beyond your mid-fly to keep it tucked in for a whole day. 

Choose The Proper Cut 

If you wear a half-sleeve shirt, it should be of perfect fitting. A slim-fit shirt will also look better on your biceps than a loose one. It would help to consider the proper shirt’s cut while purchasing. A half sleeve shirt with a good fitting will give a stylish and flattering look to your body. 

Go For The Proper Length 

The arm's length is the most challenging thing about a half-sleeve shirt. The sleeve length for your half sleeve dress shirt should neither be too long nor short. In both cases, you will get a different look than the desired look with the shirt. 

Moreover, if the sleeves are too tight, it will be difficult for you to function easily. The golden rule for your sleeve length is that the sleeve should end in the mid-bicep. Also, there should be only one finger-thick gap between your skin and the fabric. 

Half Sleeve Dress Shirt With Shorts

On a hot summer day, if you plan to wear shorts, pair them with half sleeve shirt, as a long-sleeve shirt and shorts combination does not look flattering. 

How To Pull A Professional Look With A Half Sleeve Dress Shirt?

Half sleeve shirts are more likely to pull as a casual and easy dressing. These shirts are best for hot and warm weather. So, other than casual, you must sometimes wear it as a formal outfit. There are different styling tips to create a formal look with your half-sleeve shirt. 

Colour Of The Shirt

Focus on colours if you want to wear your half-sleeve shirt as a professional office outfit. You can go for your business colours or any pastel solids. Moreover, basic colours like white and blue are also preferable. 

On the other hand, bright colours and striped patterns can also be worn on a dress-down day at work. 

Wearing A Tie With Half Sleeve Shirt 

Wearing a tie on a half-sleeve shirt is less attractive. The best way to keep the look professional is to have a shirt with a button-down collar and open neck. 

Collar Style

As mentioned above, wearing a tie with a half-sleeve shirt is not recommended. The collar style makes your half-sleeve shirt more classy, neat, and professional. Wear a half-sleeve shirt with a button-down collar style to give a more professional impact to your dress. You can easily create a neat, attractive and classy look with a half-sleeve shirt. 


Fitting is the key to making your outfit attractive. Most men go for a loose fit half sleeve shirt which is not a good choice. Go for the slim fit to get an attractive and stylish look. 

Match the size of your trousers and shirt to get a matching fit outfit. Prefer a slim-fit shirt, but it should not be too tight to move. The perfect shoulder size will ensure the shirt’s perfect size. Also, consider that the sleeves should not be too loose as it will not give you an elegant look. 


Half sleeve shirt is a timeless and sleek wardrobe apparel you must have. You can create a casual fashion statement with a half-sleeve shirt. Moreover, you can pull it as a semi-formal outfit with simple considerations. Half-sleeve shirts are perfect for warm and hot summers as they keep you cool and fresh. Get your perfect-fit half-sleeve shirt from an avant-garde online store.

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